The Original PlayTRAY

An award-winning accessory, making sensory & creative play easier. No more lugging tuff trays around or putting off messy play altogether!

Helping you with planning, play, and putting it away!

Take the hassle out of creating sensory, creative, or messy play experiences for your children for good. Each of Inspire My Play’s products has been specifically designed to take the hardwork out of setting up engaging invitations-to-play, from coming up with ideas to storing your resources away after.

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Less effort for you, more sensory joy for them

The PlayTRAY takes care of everything. With a deep tray, shallow tray, and 6 removable compartments, it’s perfect for keeping activities contained and organising play resources after.

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Watch them tip, mix, pour and explore

Give little hands the tools they need to make the most out of sensory & creative play, with scoops and bowls designed to complement your PlayTRAY.

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Extend their creative play, brick by brick

Bring their favourite building blocks into the mix with our double-sided PlayTRAY construction mats. One side for toddler creations, the other for more intricate builds.

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Make planning play even more organised

Add further storage versatility to your PlayTRAY with handy removable inserts ideal for play resources and craft bits. Pop out, play, then put back in to store away.

Get your FREE ‘Beginner’s Guide to Sensory Play’

Messy hands, huge grins, and a whole heap of developmental benefits! That’s what you can expect when you download your FREE ‘Beginner’s Guide to Sensory Play’ full of DIY recipes & play ideas.

If you’re debating getting one, get one!

Elysia, UK (30/09/2022)

I love our play tray and really wish I’d invested in it sooner.

Sacha, UK (25/07/2022)

Absolutely the BEST tray I have ever bought for play set ups.

Zoe, UK (08/06/2022)

Super easy clean up, perfect size and shape!

Lisa, USA (21/06/2022)

The PlayTRAY is honestly my favourite purchase ever.

Sophie, UK (01/10/2021)

5 star worthy. I am so pleased with the quality of the tray and the limitless uses it provides!

Jenna, UK (27/09/2021)

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Founded by an early years expert and mum who gets it

Inspire My Play is a UK-based family-run business founded by former early years teacher and mother of three, Laura Tuck, and husband, Neil. Passionate about play (and the many benefits of sensory play in early childhood), our collection of thoughtfully designed play products has been developed to make sensory & creative play as easy as possible - for parents and educators. More inspiration, easier organisation, and lots of fun!