Why Sensory Play Matters

At Inspire My Play, we believe that every child deserves to experience the wonder and joy of sensory play. That's why we are dedicated to providing resources and tools that support open-ended, creative play, helping children to develop essential skills and flourish in their early years.




We know that sensory play is more than just a fun activity - it plays a critical role in a child's development, building the foundation for lifelong learning, creativity and wellbeing. In fact, advances in neuroscience have shown that the first few years of life are a critical period for brain development, with experiences during this time shaping the foundations for future learning, social and emotional development, and overall health and happiness.




That's why we believe that play is serious business - and why we are committed to providing resources and tools that support parents, caregivers, and educators in providing high-quality, open-ended play experiences for children.

Our mission is simple: to open up a world of sensory play and creativity for the benefit of children everywhere. Whether it's through our purpose-designed products, our play-based learning resources, or our community of like-minded parents and educators, we are here to support you in creating rich, engaging play experiences for the children in your life. 

We take the hard work out of setting up sensory play, from coming up with ideas to storing your resources away after. Let us help you bring the joy of sensory and creative play into your home.




Get Started with Sensory Play

Getting started with sensory and small world play can be daunting, especially when it comes to thinking up ideas of what to play, and choosing the right resources and supplies for your child's PlayTRAY. But don't worry - we're here to help!