Winter Village

These printables make the cutest little winter town scene for your little one to enjoy some small world play! The houses are fairly simple to make; just fold the roof at the half way point and glue the tabs together on the side. To make the mountains, fold the tab at the bottom and glue it onto the base (second printable). The 3-D trees are made by putting four of the cut-out trees together. Simply fold them in half using a ruler so that the green is facing inwards. Add glue to the back and stick each quarter together.

Santa's Beard Christmas Countdown

This is a fun way to countdown to Christmas with your little ones! Add one more ball of cotton wool each day until completing his beard on the 24th December.

24 Family Activities for Advent

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An ebook of 24 Advent activities, crafts & family fun to make the lead up to Christmas magical! Includes a printable calendar for you to customise and add your chosen activities to, as well as a selection of other activity printables. Enjoy a new family tradition this Christmas!

This is a digital product for download in pdf format. You will not receive a physical book.

Customer Reviews

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Quite good

Lots of ideas, some quite unique that I haven't seen in other books of this type. We will definitely try the bird feeders; everything else my little boy is still sadly too young for. I would have given 5 stars had there been more ideas in it to choose from.

Nicola Garelli
Super cute

Very nice ideas and drawings

Diana serecut
Just amazing!

I’m really pleased with the 24 Family Activities for Advent. My little one can’t wait to do them and they are really fab ideas for spending time together with you child during the Christmas season.

Water Blossom

Take advantage of our flower outlines to create blooming blossoms in water. We coloured them in with felt tip pens and folded in the petals. We then placed them in our PlayTRAY lid in water and the petals gently unfolded as they soak up the water.

Autumn Leaf Letter Match

Match these autumn-themed upper and lower case alphabet cards together to complete the picture. Why not hide them in some sensory materials such a popping corn or chickpeas for them to find and match?

Autumn Nature Hunt

Go on an autumn egg box scavenger hunt! Print and stick the autumn printable into the lid of your eggbox. Match objects they collect to the pictures and place in the correct place in the eggbox.

Penguin Ice Rink

This is such a fun activity for kids! If you don't have the PlayTRAY, any smooth surface will work to skate your penguins. To make the skating penguins snap some lolly/ popsicle sticks in half, stick them to the base of a mini muffin tin with a bit of blue-tack and fill up the holes with water. You might want to add a tiny bit of food colouring too if you like.

Put them in the freezer overnight. Once they are frozen and you are ready to play, pop them out of the tin. You should now be able to peel the blue tack from the bottom so that they glide smoothly across your tray. Then stick the penguins to the lolly/ popsicle stick with a piece of tape.

Autumn Leaf Sewing Cards

Use a hole punch around the edge of these printable autumn leaves to create holes. Take some wool/yarn and thread it through the holes. This is a simple activity to help develop fine motor skills.

Autumn Stick Fairies

These cute little fairies are available in colour or b&w to decorate how you like. We turned ours into Autumn Fairies using leaves and other natural resources collected on a walk.

To give this a go, spread some PVA glue onto the fairy and decorate. Leave it to dry before cutting out and mounting onto a stick with a piece of tape. You could also try this with petals. 

Pumpkin Pie Spice Cloud Dough Recipe

Here is the recipe for Pumpkin Pie Spice Cloud Dough! This smells amazing thanks to all the lovely spices we add to our regular cloud dough recipe! Pumpkin pie spice seems quite hard to get hold of in the UK so we made our own. I don't think getting the ratios exact are so important. Cloud dough is powdery but thanks to the oil you can also mould it. Mine love it, usually for some cooking/baking pretend play. It's guaranteed to keep them all busy and it keeps really will in the PlayTRAY for another day. If you think your little one might like a cheeky taste, you can bake the flour in the oven first for 10 mins at 350F/180C to kill any bugs that there may be.