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The PlayTRAY - Sensory Play Tray with Removable Compartments & Lid
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The PlayTRAY - Sensory Play Tray with Removable Compartments & Lid
The deep tray and compartments
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The lid on the deep tray
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The PlayTRAY - Sensory Play Tray with Removable Compartments & Lid

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The ideal container for messy, creative, and small world set-ups, this sensory play tray with removable compartments and lid was designed to help you create hassle-free sensory play experiences at home. No more attempts at lugging a tuff tray around the house or putting off messy play altogether!

With a deep tray, shallow tray (that doubles as a lid) and handy removable compartments, this versatile play tray gives you multiple ways to use it for activities and storage. Suitable for wet and dry play, it’s even safe for edible play - and great as a giant picnic tray. 

Plus, it’s easy to clean, easy to move about, and easy to store. Designed to keep your sensory set-ups safe to be used again or act as an organiser for your play bits and craft resources. 

The PlayTRAY is stackable too. Meaning you can have several on hand for a variety of activities. 

Whether you’re new to sensory play or a seasoned pro, the PlayTRAY is the perfect tool to create a playful home. The ways to use your PlayTRAY are endless!

  • Deep tray
  • Shallow tray/ lid with silicone seal
  • 6 removable compartments for play items
  • 39cm/15.5" internal diameter, 43cm/17" including rim, 
  • 9cm/3.5" tall
  • Premium quality, white food-grade ABS plastic
  • Non-slip silicone feet on both trays
  • Contents not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Natasha Weatherley
Inspire my play playtray

The playtray is amazing, we have only used it a hand full of times but our children we childmind for have loved it. We also love it as it is a easy way for us to set up different sensory activities that all the children can engage in, we will definitely be using the sensory play ebook for ideas and inspiration for many more activities.

Wonderful to hear the children you childmind love the PlayTRAY so much. Thank you so taking the time to leave a review. We really appreciate it!!


Within minutes of our play tray arriving yesterday it was ready for play. It’s safe to say that Lola loves it! Delivered promptly, excellent quality and very versatile. If only I’d known about this product 4 years ago!

Thank you so much for your review. Wonderful to hear that Lola loves it! We hope she has many happy hours of sensory play with it! Love the picture too!

Lisa Kemp
Hours of fun!

I bought this for my little granddaughter for her birthday (as requested by my daughter) and she absolutely loves it! My daughter fills it with all sorts of things which provides hours of enjoyment.

Wonderful to hear! Happy birthday to your Granddaughter. Love the picture. We hope she enjoys her Tray for many years to come. Thank you for your review.

Angela PAGE
Great learning equipment

Brought it for my twin grandchildren who are loving it. Had a lovely time with animals in the sea the other week....keeps everything tidy and together.

What a lovely picture! Thank you so much for taking the time to review our PlayTRAY. It's brilliant to hear your grandchildren are enjoying it!

Lettisha Baldwin
Love love love

Hugely recommend. We love our play tray!!!
So beautifully made too.

Thank you for taking the time to review our PlayTRAY! We are so so pleased to hear you love it! We LOVE the pictures, looks wonderful!

Why Mums Love the PlayTRAY

Suitable for wet and dry activities

Safe for edible sensory play


Easy to clean

Children playing together with construction themed materials and objects

Portable for play on the move


Preserve your play for another day

Child playing with scoops, pompoms, and coloured water in the play tray

Set up in different ways to meet all your play needs

See for yourself...

Love, love, love! Hugely recommend. We love our play tray!!! So beautifully made too.

Lettisha, UK (21/04/2023)

The most AMAZING parenting product. We love this so much that we bought a second one...

Katie, UK (29/03/2023)

If you're debating getting one, get one!

Elysia, UK (30/09/2022)

Hours of fun! I bought this for my granddaughter... and she absolutely loves it!

Lisa, UK (29/05/2023)

I love our PlayTRAY and really wish I'd invested in it sooner.

Sacha, UK (25/07/2022)

Absolutely the BEST tray I have ever bought for play set ups.

Zoe, UK (08/06/2022)

The PlayTRAY is honestly my favourite purchase ever.

Sophie, UK (01/10/2021)

5 star worthy. I am so pleased with the quality of the tray and the limitless uses it provides!

Jenna, UK (27/09/2021)

4.8 stars from over 10,000 customers.

So, why the PlayTRAY?

Let's face it - sensory play at home can be challenging without the right tools to hand.

That's where the PlayTRAY comes in.

The PlayTRAY is the ultimate sensory play tool designed to enhance your child's exploration and creativity.

We set the bar for quality

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The PlayTRAY has many unique features that make it the perfect tool to open up a world of sensory and imaginative play.

  • A deep tray, shallow tray and 6 removable compartments, perfect for organising play equipment and supplies;

  • The shallow tray doubles up as a lid, allowing play activities to be stored away and returned to another day;

  • Multiple trays stack and the compartments are designed to fit onto both trays, for a truly flexible play space;

  • Non-slip silicone feet on both trays help the PlayTRAY stay put whilst you're playing;

  • Made from BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA premium food-safe ABS plastic to give you peace of mind whilst your little ones play.
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Ready to enhance your child's sensory play experiences?

Why Sensory Play is so Important

It Promotes Creativity and Imagination

The PlayTRAY is designed to inspire creativity and imagination in young children, helping them to explore new ideas and concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Children playing together with construction themed materials and objects
It Develops Social and Emotional Skills

Open-ended play is a great way to develop social and emotional skills, such as empathy, communication, and cooperation. The PlayTRAY promotes positive interactions and help children develop these important skills.

It Enhances Physical Coordination

Creative play helps children develop their physical coordination and motor skills, such as balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

Young child exploring in the play tray
It Supports Cognitive Development

Sensory and creative open-ended play is a great way to challenge children's minds and help them develop important cognitive skills, like problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making.

It Engages Children of All Abilities

We believe every child deserves the chance to play and learn, regardless of their abilities. That's why the PlayTRAY is designed to be inclusive and engaging for all children.

Child playing with scoops, pompoms, and coloured water in the play tray
It Has Therapeutic Benefits for Children with Special Needs

Sensory play can be therapeutic for children with special needs, like autism, by helping children develop their sensory processing skills and providing a calming and grounding experience.

3 young children playing in a play tray with ice and penguin figurines 3 young children playing in a play tray with ice and penguin figurines

The PlayTRAY takes care of everything

The PlayTRAY gives you everything you need to succeed with sensory play

See the fun for yourself...

Trusted by parents and experts

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Any further questions?

Visit our frequently asked questions page to understand what the PlayTRAY is made of, how it's packaged, how to care for the PlayTRAY, what age it's recommended for, and other similar questions.

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