gofindit- the Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt

gofindit- the Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt
Gofindit is an outdoor treasure hunt game designed for family walks and outdoor adventures. The inspiremyplay.com testing team (aka the kids!) have been trying it out and we share our thoughts here. Gofindit game

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I was scrolling through Amazon launchpad last summer when I stumbled upon gofindit. I was intrigued as it's unusual to find a game specifically designed to be taken outdoors and one that encourages kids to explore nature. So after reading quite a few reviews I was convinced to buy it for Miss 5's birthday and I'm so glad that I did. The idea behind this game is so simple but one that we have enjoyed over and over again. The game consists of 33 cards, each with a descriptive word on it like 'spiky', 'soft' or 'crunch'. Each card has been simply illustrated to reflect the word and help non-readers identify them more easily. These cards are then matched to things in the surroundings, for example a child might pair the card 'thin' with a blade of grass. gofindit game contents There are three suggested ways to play: Gofindit fast where you deal five cards to each player and then race to find things that fit each card. Gofindit first where you turn over the top card and the first person back to base with something that matches the card wins that card. Gofindit fantastic fit where you deal three cards and players must find one item that matches all three of the chosen words. a conker shell and Spiky card The cards come in a draw-string bag along with a set of instructions. They are the same size as a normal pack of cards which makes them perfect for slipping in your coat pocket and transporting anywhere. You could also leave it in the glove compartment of your car so you can grab it at the last minute when out and about. We played our first game of gofindit with a group of friends whose children ranged from just under 3 to 7 years old. The younger ones needed a little support from the adults, mainly through holding the cards and the various 'treasure' they found, but everyone got involved and had a great time. First we played in a wooded area and then later on the beach. As you can imagine the children came up with completely different things in each location. It was fantastic to see them exploring and looking closely at things, whilst having so much fun at the same time. a tree and 'rough' card

What we love about gofindit

It encourages children to take in their surroundings

I love that this game encourages children to explore, look closely and notice features of the natural world which otherwise may pass them by. It also encourages use of all the senses. Sensory play and exploration is vital in stimulating neural pathways and early brain development.

It makes being outdoors more fun

Sometimes it can be hard to encourage kids outdoors. As they get older the idea of 'going for a walk' can start to lose its appeal. Gofindit can make being outdoors more fun, purposeful and sociable.

It helps teach new vocabulary

Gofindit provides the perfect opportunity to talk to our kids more about the natural world and introduce them to new concepts and things they might have not encountered before. For younger children the cards also provide an opportunity to learn the meaning of descriptive words, as well as opposites like rough and smooth. gofindit smooth card

You can play it anywhere

I love that you can play this game just about anywhere; the garden, park, forest, beach... to name but a few. With the changing seasons there are even more possibilities to notice different features in each environment. I've recently been playing with the girls on the way to school. We have quite a walk to and from school everyday and this has been a great way of making the time pass and keep the tired legs going! I let the girls choose a few cards and the challenge is to spot something that matches each one by the time we get there. There's no reason why you couldn't play around the house too or even use it on a shopping trip to keep the kids entertained!

It's fun for different ages and abilities

Having played gofindit with a range of different aged children I can see that we will enjoy this game for years to come. It is easy to make it work for a group of children with mixed ages by differing the number of cards handed out or the version of the game you play. When playing in a mixed-age group we gave each child a number of cards corresponding to their age. Sorting natural objects

It supports the work of the Sensory Trust

Gofindit was developed by the Sensory Trust, a charity whose aim is to make the outdoors more accessible to people regardless of their age, ability or social background. All profits are ploughed back into this charity so it can continue its good work. I think this is yet another fantastic reason to buy it! Since purchasing gofindit we were excited to learn that there is another version that has been released; gofindit too. Gofindit too is made up of a whole new set of sensory words for even more exploration and discovery. We will definitely be putting that one on our wish-list!