The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guides For Kids (0-6 Years Old)

Lacking inspiration for gifts for the kids this Christmas? We’ve got you covered with our series of Gift Guides for 0-6 year-olds. Not only that, we’ve gone one step further to share the best gift ideas to cover key areas of learning like STEM and pretend play.

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The Ultimate Gift Guides For Kids

What do I buy when there’s so much choice?

The toy market is huge and confusing! Our kids are bombarded with adverts of the latest ‘must have’ toys, only we find once they own them they are forgotten about within a few weeks. We see more and more toys labelled ‘educational’ and wonder if they’re the answer to give our kids a head start in life. And with our kids increasingly hooked to their screens, we desperately look for toys that will lure them away!

Choosing toys can be overwhelming! It can also be costly! So what should we be investing in for our kids?

As an early years teacher and mama to 3 I’ve had a lot of experience of toys. I’ve seen toys that are treasured and toys that are tossed aside. I’ve seen how the right toys encourage creativity and independence. I’ve also made my fair share of mistakes! But along the way I’ve learnt that our kids need much less than we think they do; they just need more carefully chosen toys!

So here are 5 principles that I try to stick to when choosing toys for my own children.

Which toys should I Choose for my Kids?

  • Toys that are open-ended– these are toys that can be used in a variety of ways and leave room for imagination;
  • Toys that grow with your child– This is about avoiding the latest ‘toy fad’ but choosing toys they’ll come back to again and again;
  • Toys that are varied– Give your kids a broad range of toys so that they build a variety of skills and interests;
  • Toys that have purpose– Think about the purpose behind a toy. How will it benefit my child to own it?
  • Toys that last– Choose good quality toys that will stand the test of time.

With these principles in mind I have put together gift guides that I hope will be useful for you.

These guides are meant to inspire, rather than be a list of everything your child must have! Many of these toys and books we own ourselves, or are made by brands we trust and love, but there’s a few new toys that I’ve come across that I’m excited to share with you too.

I’ve arranged the guides into age brackets but children rarely follow a linear path of development. So do check out the guides before and after too. Also many of the gifts featured in the guides will grow with your child and are suitable for multiple ages. For example, a lot of the toddler gifts will still be enjoyed in the preschool years.

Simply click on the images below to take you straight to the gift guide you’re interested in.

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The Best Gifts for 5 & 6 Year-olds.
The best gifts for arty & crafty kids
The best gifts for kids- imaginative play
The best gifts for kids- stem play
Stocking Fillers for kids

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