The Best Gifts for Arty & Crafty Kids

Take the hard work out of gift-giving this Christmas with our Gift Guide for Arty & Crafty Kids! You’ll find plenty of inspiration and ideas whatever your budget. Looking for more ideas? Check out our Toy and Gift Guides page for more inspiration.

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Choosing Toys for Kids

In a world where there are so many options it can be difficult to know which toys to invest in! Here are 5 principles that I try to stick to when choosing toys for my own children.

What toys should I Choose for my Kids?

  • Toys that are open-ended– these are toys that can be used in a variety of ways and leave room for imagination;
  • Toys that grow with your child– This is about avoiding the latest ‘toy fad’ but choosing toys they’ll come back to again and again;
  • Toys that are varied– Give your kids a broad range of toys so that they build a variety of skills and interests;
  • Toys that have purpose– Think about the purpose behind a toy. How will it benefit my child to own it?
  • Toys that last– Choose good quality toys that will stand the test of time.

A word on the Gift Guides…

These guides are meant to inspire, rather than be a list of everything your child must have! Many of these toys and books we own ourselves, or are made by brands we trust and love, but there’s a few new toys that I’ve come across that I’m excited to share with you too.

The best Gifts for Arty & Crafty Kids

Best Art & Craft Supplies

Often the best art & craft gifts are materials and supplies for their own projects. Here are some of our favourite, including a few that might be new to you.

Paint Sticks are hands down my favourite art and craft supply for 2 and 3 year olds.

If you are looking for a brilliant gift for older kids I highly recommend air drying clay. This is a bit like the fimo we use to enjoy as kids but so much easier to manipulate. We’ve used ours to make animals, mini food for the doll’s house and all sorts. It’s easy enough for 3 and 4 year olds to use but I think it comes into it’s own around the age of 5 when children have the dexterity to work on detailed projects.

Acrylic Paint Pens make a fantastic gift, especially when teemed with some pebbles for a spot of pebble painting. The Colourful Art Company make a set that is perfect for kids aged around 4+. If you have older kids who are looking to add more detail to their pebble painting I love Posca Pens. They are a premium brand but well worth it in my opinion for the quality of the pens.

Best Art & Crafts Gifts for Younger Kids

Little ones who are just starting out on their creative journey tend to like the process of crafting much more than the end product. When I’m looking for craft kits for younger kids I tend to look for ones that are more open-ended rather than having a fixed outcome. I’m particularly a fan of the Alex Toys Craft kits which include lots of bits and pieces that they can get creative with without being too prescriptive.

Best Art & Craft Gifts for older kids

There are literary hundreds of options for art and craft kits for children from around the age of 4. Here are some of our favourites.

Brilliant Art & Craft Books

You can’t beat a brilliant art & craft book to inspire creative kids. Low Mess Craft for Kids by Debbie Chapman has to be my oldest daughter’s favourite craft books. What I absolutely love about it as a parent is that the instructions for each project are laid out so clearly and for the most part can be completed independently by my 6 year old. The projects are super fun and creative too.

Usborne books also make a brilliant range of craft books as well as some fantastic books to help you learn how to draw. My girls also love their fingerprint doodle books too.

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