Keeping kids busy out and about with My Busy Bots

We love discovering brands making fantastic educational toys and this week we are excited to share with you My Busy Bots and their brilliant busy bags!

These busy bags are designed to keep little ones occupied when on the go. Whether you’re at a restaurant, in a waiting room or at the airport with kids these busy bags are there to help! They’re equally good for keeping the kids entertained at home when you just need a few minutes to get some jobs ticked off that never ending list!

For the purpose of this review I was gifted these Busy Bags from My Busy Bots and compensated for my time. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

My Busy Bots was founded by two mums, Candice & Leanne, with a passion for learning through play and a desire to help other parents keep their little ones occupied in a fun, yet educational way.

Together they have created a huge selection of busy bags catering for ages from 18 months right up to the age of 8. Each bag contains a fun and engaging activity that is mess free, making them perfect for taking out and about. The activities have all been carefully designed to work on the development of important early childhood skills, such as fine motor skills, phonics, shapes and numbers.

My Busy Bots Busy Bags

As well the activity resources, each bag comes with a helpful information card that explains the activity and gives guidance about the skills being covered. It also includes suggestions for how you might extend the activity, which will enable you to get even more use out of your busy bag.

Busy Bag contents- The fox Sat on the Mat

Getting Busy with our Busy Bags!

With so many busy bags to choose from it was tricky to decide which ones to pick for the girls! In the end I chose a shape-based busy bag for Miss 3 as she loves practical, problem solving tasks. For Miss 5 I selected a busy bag that would give her a bit more practice with her phonics.

The girls were so excited when their busy bags arrived in the post! I was thrilled that the parcel also included a hot chocolate sachet for me- what a lovely touch!

Testing My Busy Bots busy bags

The ‘Taking Shape’ busy bag that I chose for Miss 3 includes a set of translucent shape blocks and brightly coloured picture cards. The idea with this busy bag is to match the shape blocks to the white spaces on the cards to complete the pictures.

Miss 3 got stuck in straight away and was keen to do every picture! This activity was the perfect level for her- just the right amount of challenge but not too difficult that she switched off.

The 'Taking Shape' busy bag
'Taking Shape' busy bag

Whilst she played we named some of the shapes and looked carefully at how the shapes needed to be orientated to fit the picture. Once Miss 3 had finished with the activity cards she started to create some of her own pictures using just the blocks. She loved getting creative in this way and it kept her busy for a long time. It’s great to know that the blocks will be enjoyed in this way too, not only with the picture cards.

Miss 3 making shapes of her own

The busy bag I chose for Miss 5 was ‘The Fox Sat on the Mat’. This bag is all about breaking down and spelling out small words. It includes a set of CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) picture cards alongside a set of letter beads that are used to spell out the words. There is also a lace for threading the letter beads on to make other words. Essentially this makes the busy bag two activities in one!

This activity is perfectly matched to the Early Years curriculum in Reception (4 & 5 year-olds). Miss 5 enjoyed finding the letters and building up the words. She then sounded out the letters and blended them to make sure she had each one correct.

My Busy Bots
The Fox Sat on the Mat busy bag

Miss 5 particularly loved the fact that the letters were also beads that could be threaded onto the lace. This was a great fine motor challenge for her and she chose some quite complex words to spell out- she had a good go at spelling elephant!

Using the lace and letter beads

What we love about My Busy Bots Busy Bags

A Re-usable Activity

We’ve got through a lot of sticker and colouring books over the years at restaurants and coffee shops! Although these are great to have up your sleeve, it’s brilliant to find something different for on the go that can be used again and again! The busy bags activities are presented beautifully and the resources are of a nice quality that should last. I especially appreciated that the bag is waterproof- perfect for us who have had more drink leaks in our changing bag than I care to remember!

Interesting & Engaging Resources

One of the great things I noticed when scrolling through the My Busy Bots website was that a lot of the activity resources that are included in the bags are just that little bit different. They’re not your usual toys that you already have piles of home. I’m sure that is why my girls were so interested and engaged with their bags. An added bonus for us also is that I know we’ll use the resources for other activities. We’ve already used the letters to press into play dough and the shape blocks are brilliant on our light box.

Screen-Free Entertainment!

The reality of our busy lives is that we don’t always get a chance to spend as much time on activities with our kids as we like. Rather than resorting to a screen to occupy little ones, I love that this is an alternative that is simple and convenient. And the fact that they’ll be learning something valuable at the same time is fantastic!

We have really enjoyed using our busy bags over the past couple of weeks and I’ll certainly be looking to purchase some more for the summer holidays. With a camping trip coming up this weekend, I’ll definitely be packing our busy bags to call upon when we need them!

If you’d like to get your hands on some busy bags of your own go and check out the amazing selection on the My Busy Bots website: Don’t forget to use the code INSPIRE10 for a discount at checkout!


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